Tuesday, September 20, 2011

semoga kita diizinkan untuk bertemu dan berjumpa suatu hari nanti .

When you’re searching for the light. And you see no hope in sight
Be sure and have no doubt. He’s always close to you
He’s the one who knows you best. He knows what’s in your heart
You’ll find your peace at last. If you just have faith in Him
You’re always in my heart and mind. Your name is mentioned every day
I’ll follow you no matter what. My biggest wish is to see you one day
Coz I believe
In a man who used to be
So full of love and harmony
He fought for peace and liberty
And never would he hurt anything
He was a mercy for mankind
A teacher till the end of time
No creature could be compared to him
So full of light and blessings
If you lose your way
Believe in a better day
Trials will come But surely they will fade away
If you just believe What is plain to see
Just open your heart And let His love flow through
I believe And now I feel my heart is at peace
(i believe lyric by maher zain & irfan makki )

p/s bila idea tak singgah masuk dalam urat serebrum urat kentut urat darah . ni lah jadinya . kopipaste.
dan tajuk entry memang cam ciskek kan .=.=

sila gelak lepas baca.


FasiHaH SupiaN said...

comel jep ;P

YNA said...

ciskek bukan sedap ke? hihihi

sila join contest sy ye jika berminat :-D

Nur Syazana Mohammed Sani said...

ciskek ea ? HAHA ,. suke perkataan tu :DD


Ceritera Anak Sampah said...

besarnye hope..

sepatah dua kata